Veterinarians in Los Angeles CA

There are numerous veterinarians in Los Angeles CA. To help you find the right one for your pet, we’ve listed them all on one page. Each veterinarian’s profile is rated on several parameters, including their location, hours, and reviews from other clients. Read on to learn more. The following is a list of the top vets in Los Angeles CA. If you’re interested in finding a veterinarian in Los Angeles CA for your pet, we recommend using the GreatVet service.

The average salary of a veterinarian in Los Angeles, CA ranges from $54,683 to $140,000. The median pay is $100,800. In 2018, an individual vet in this bracket would pay an average federal tax rate of 24%. California state taxes average 9.3%, making take home pay for vets in this bracket $71,350 per year. This equates to $2,973 per paycheck. However, individual veterinarians may have lower or higher salaries, which means that they have a higher income tax rate.

Another option for vets in Los Angeles is the City of Angels Specialty Center. Founded by Dr. Eve Harrison, the center provides comprehensive health care for pets. Veterinary services here range from emergency care to dental care. These centers work in tandem with local veterinarians to provide specialized treatment for pets. Depending on the nature of your pet’s needs, they might not be able to provide the service you need.

The VCA ASEC Veterinary Center is one of the best-equipped veterinary clinics in Los Angeles. The facility features full departments for internal medicine, emergency care, critical care, and surgery. The hospital is located in West Los Angeles, where it serves pet owners and has a mission to provide the best quality of veterinary care. The staff of VCA ASEC are compassionate and committed to helping pet owners and their pets.

Another option for veterinarians in Los Angeles CA is to offer house calls to pet owners. These services are offered seven days a week and many Los Angeles veterinarians are even willing to make house calls. These veterinarians are the best option for pet owners who can’t make it to the vet for fear of making a mistake. Most pets hate going to the vet, so if your pet has trouble eating, don’t hesitate to bring it in for an appointment.

The Los Angeles Veterinary Center is another option. This clinic is conveniently located near Boyle Ave and offers diagnostics, emergency care, and general pet care. There’s plenty of parking at the clinic, as well, and the hospital has attached parking. For emergencies, most veterinarians in Los Angeles strive to support emergency care. In addition, the Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital offers emergency services. It’s also important to know that veterinarians in Los Angeles strive to provide excellent customer service.