Laser Hair Removal Fort Lauderdale – Why It’s So Popular

The procedure of laser hair removal involves exposing the affected areas to pulses of laser light which destroy the hair follicle. The technique was first used as an experimental treatment more than 20 years ago, and became commercially available in 1995. However, before this procedure became widely available, it required extensive research and was expensive. But today, there are many benefits to laser hair removal. Here are some of the most common reasons why it’s so popular.

The main principle of laser hair removal is selective photothermolysis, in which the wavelength of light is matched to the target tissue, thus minimizing the impact on surrounding tissues. Lasers can damage dark target matter, such as hair, by heating basal stem cells in the hair follicle. In this way, they can destroy the hair follicle, while leaving the surrounding skin untouched. The remaining hair is finer than the original.

Prior to treatment, it is important to avoid sun exposure, using sunless skin creams, and shaving. Exposure to the sun may reduce the effectiveness of laser hair removal and increase the risk of complications after the procedure. In addition, patients who have taken a blood-thinning medication like Accutane should discontinue it a year before the procedure. Finally, it’s important to avoid tanning for six weeks before laser hair removal. This procedure may not work on hair longer than a grain of rice.

In addition to skin tone, hair color also plays an important role in the success of laser hair removal. Darker hair and skin contain more melanin, which is what absorbs laser energy. If the laser beams hit a darker skin tone, the treatment will require lower settings and energy pulses. Darker skin can benefit more from this procedure, but it may take several sessions to see results. For best results, choose a skilled medical practitioner who specializes in the area of concern.

In the end, laser hair removal is an effective, noninvasive method of reducing unwanted body hair. Its high level of safety and effectiveness make it a very popular cosmetic treatment. Unlike plucking, tweezing, or waxing, the results of laser hair removal last a long time. It is important to choose an experienced healthcare provider, as the procedure can have serious side effects, such as scarring and permanent discoloration of the skin.

Because laser hair removal targets the hair follicles during their growth phase, you may need several sessions to achieve the desired results. The number of treatments required depends on the location and hair growth rate. The procedure can last anywhere from four to six sessions. The procedure may require touch-ups in between treatments. When laser hair removal has been effective, hair will grow back finer and smoother, and the skin will feel smoother. And because the hair grows back in cycles, the hair may not be as noticeable.

Another benefit of laser hair removal is its rapid and permanent results. Depending on the skill of the operator and the availability of different types of laser technologies, the results of laser hair removal can vary widely. For example, some patients will require touch-up treatments, especially if the treated areas are large. While there are some risks to laser hair removal, the benefits far outweigh the risks. The FDA has also published a study which found that there was a high rate of patient satisfaction with laser hair removal after only one treatment.